Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Some Local Lacrosse?

  • Local High Schools play and schedules are usually posted online.
  • University of Delaware Lacrosse plays on Saturdays during the season. Their schedule is here: UD Men’s Lax Schedule

My Son Isn’t As Large As The Other Kids, Can He Still Play Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a game of finesse, skill and fitness. Size is not a determiner of success in Lacrosse. Coaches may place larger players in a defensive position or in a goalie position. Faster (any size) players, are often selected for the offensive side of the field. However, in youth lacrosse, we try to give players experience in all positions.

What Does A Typical Practice Look Like?

Practice schedules are finalized in late February. All practices are held at Brandywine High School fields at this time. Practices begin at 5:30 and last until dusk. After daylight savings time, practices will last until 7:00 p.m (possibly 7:30 p.m. for the older teams). It will help your player and the coaches if the players arrive 10-15 minutes early to put their gear on and be ready to begin AT 5:30. Coaches use practice to increase conditioning and increase skills needed for game day. Most coaches will select two (possibly three) days during the week for about a two hour practice. The practices will occur in light rain, but not thunderstorms. Every player should bring water, even on COLD DAYS. Practice starts with a warm up of jogging, push-ups, jumping jacks, etc. Then, Lacrosse specific skills are taught and practiced. These include, cradling, ground balls, passing and catching. As the players grow in proficiency, practices will begin to include 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5, 7 vs 7 drills that simulate real game situations. Eventually most coaches try to scrimmage at the end of practices so the full field play feels natural. Your player will be sweaty, tired and muddy when the two hours is over.

What Does A Typical Game Day Look Like?

The game schedule will be finalized in mid-March. Games will occur typically on Sunday afternoons during April and May. Individual teams may schedule additional games on Saturdays or evenings. Games are played against teams from Newark, Middletown, Smyrna and Milford. Some games may be scheduled with teams from Southeastern PA. Your player should arrive at the fields about an hour before the game. He must have all of his gear and uniform. He must have water from home. Hopefully, volunteer parents will have snacks for the team at halftime. Before the game, coaches generally have a set routine of warm up drills and shooting drills. The game will typically be four quarters, each ten minutes of running time for a total of approximately an hour. At the end of the game, the coach will have a brief meeting to discuss the highlights and the next practice.

Are There Tryouts Or Evaluations?

No. EVERYONE can PRACTICE, PLAY and TRAVEL with the Brandywine Lacrosse Club.

My Son Wants To Play Another Sport Too, Can He Still Play Lacrosse?

Absolutely! We welcome two-sport players. We just ask that you inform your son’s assigned coach so that the information can be used for game day planning.

What Equipment Is Needed?

Click on this link for: “Parent Resources” or find it in the menu under Resources → Parent Resources. On that page is a list of all of the required equipment for our players. The club has an Equipment Rental Program where you can get any all of the equipment for your player for a deposit and rental fee (first come, first served). We also have an equipment swap! At our first practice – the first week in March – players bring in used equipment and donate it to our equipment swap. Sometimes you can find used equipment that will fit your player!

How Can I Help My Son Prepare?

Help your son get physically conditioned (running, exercising, etc.). Passing, catching, and cradling (the basics) are also very important skills every player must learn. Get a baseball mitt and catch the balls he throws with his stick or have him throw to himself against a wall. You can also watch games and training videos online that are age appropriate.

How Safe Is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a contact sport. Like ice hockey and football, there is some body contact. Making sure your son has high quality equipment before games and practices is a “must” priority for parents and coaches. However, bruises, minor cuts and scrapes can occur. More serious injuries are also possible.

Are There Still Openings?

Yes, there are always openings. However, registering your player early will give him the most benefit. More practices and games means learning more about Lacrosse.

How Much Is Registration?

Our Early Bird Registration costs $100.00. The Regular Registration is January 15th through February 15th and the cost is $125.00. For the rest of the season, registration is $150.00.

Do You Offer Girl’s Lacrosse?

We would LOVE to have a girl’s Lacrosse team. It takes 12 girls to create a team and to this date, we have not yet had the interest from the public. We are anxiously awaiting a time when this changes and we see an influx of requests!

We do, however, currently offer a Girls Instructional Clinic for K-5th graders. Please see the details on the homepage.

We Are Unable To Participate But Have Already Registered. Is A Refund Possible?

Yes, refunds are available until April 1st. Please send an email requesting more information or your request for a refund to: [email protected].

What If My Son Was Older When He Started Kindergarten?

All players participate on the appropriate team based upon age and skill level.

Why Do We Have To Join U.S. Lacrosse To Play With The Brandywine Lacrosse Club?

Our club, players, coaches, board members and officials are all insured by US Lacrosse. This insurance is only valid if all individuals mentioned are current members. That is why membership is REQUIRED for all players. You must secure the player’s membership number prior to registering with our club.

What If My Son Doesn’t Have All Of The Required Equipment Before The First Practice?

Don’t worry about it. Bring the equipment you do have! A Lacrosse stick will definitely be necessary, but at the first practice although most players will have and/or be wearing a helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, a mouth guard and a protective cup, there will be NO CONTACT.

Where Can I Get More Information?

For general information, please like us on Facebook. You can also reach us by sending an email to [email protected].